The SmartSight Platform

The Foundation for Streaming Intelligence

The SmartSight Platform provides a robust and scalable foundation for the source data behind all SmartSight streaming intelligence tools. With a cloud-native and API-first architecture, the SmartSight Platform offers the most comprehensive, flexible and secure platform for practical operational and business-focused tools that optimize video service delivery. The SmartSight Platform acts as a foundation data warehouse and common core layer for all the SmartSight tools and interfaces. Read more about the SmartSight architecture in our blog.



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SaaS Data Management

Unbeatable measurement precision

Data acquisition is comprehensive, accurate and objective by design, relying on granular instrumentation of video player logic across the broadest range of global device types. Additional data is sourced from CMS, ad-insertion, and iMOS video quality tools.

Business ready

Business integration ready

SmartSight is ready for integration as a part of your technology stack, within your workflow, and within your operational and business processes. As a mature cloud services component agility and openness are guaranteed through a fundamental layer of API services  that enable clearer business insight.

Cloud native

Cloud scale storage and security

Cloud storage enables access to almost unbounded resources, with close to 100% availability. Security and data privacy are maintained through a carefully graduated account management hierarchy across different roles and use cases—integrated, if required, with 3rd party directory services and SSO mechanisms.

Deep support

Deep customer support

An AWS reviewed API-first, fully cloud native architecture enables broad support and rapid cloud service configuration in conjunction with a responsive customer care and product engineering resource.

What our Customers have to Say...

Fabio Lima, Product Manager, Telecine

“SmartPlay has allowed us to mitigate last-mile bandwidth and infrastructure limitations to deliver better QoE to new and existing subscribers, manage our costs and improve margins”

John Cool, VP Digital Media Technologies 

“MediaMelon provided invaluable insight into our ads to help identify and resolve ad errors. A particularly large problem was completely obscure before the integration with MediaMelon”

Edgar Ceron, CEO at Vívaro Digital

“Our clients can see a significant lift in the value of their delivery platform with a rich set of features available to solve operational and business challenges, with the features now becoming an integrated part of our overall service proposition.”