SmartSight QBR

Intelligent Optimization of Stream Quality and Cost

SmartSight QBR takes on the challenge of meeting your enhanced streaming QoE goals by integrating service delivery and player rendering with a proven objective video measurement framework. SmartSight QBR uses objective perceptual video quality information generated by patented iMOS content evaluation tools in conjunction with per-session, per network type business rules. This reference data is used to enhance the playback performance of all types of Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming, resulting in improved delivery QoE, elimination of buffering, and significantly reduced streaming costs for your service. Read more about the SmartSight architecture and iMOS video quality measurement in our blog.


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SaaS Data Management

Straightforward SaaS Deployment

Simple and rapid deployment, based on SmartSight Platform, combining comprehensive, trusted streaming intelligence from the device perspective with proven encoded video quality measurement tools.

Business ready

Business Improvement Focus

Uses customizable business rule logic to tailor delivery to each device end-point, enabling service performance and quality/cost trade-offs to be optimized based on device type, location, and network connectivity.

Cloud native

Proven Technology Base

Enhances objective video quality selectively on complex content scenes and larger screen device types where users are most likely to notice issues caused by bandwidth limitations.

Deep support

Deep Customer Support

Broad live and on-demand support through integration with major encoder, stream packaging, and CDN workflows, in conjunction with a responsive customer care and product engineering resource.