SmartSight Ads

Intelligent Optimization of Advertising ROI

SmartSight Ads offers a multi-dimensional analysis of live and on-demand streaming ad performance, efficiency and quality in one solution to pinpoint under-performing monetization opportunities. DAI failures, ad blocker interference, and ad delivery issues can often be hard to identify at run-time without specialist tools due to the often-complex infrastructure and ecosystem. Addressing these latent issues immediately improves your service monetization with more ad impressions successfully served, reducing content abandonment and viewer churn, while offering an improved overall viewing experience. Read more about the SmartSight architecture in our blog.


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SaaS Data Management

Straightforward SaaS Deployment

Simple and rapid SaaS deployment, based on the SmartSight Platform, providing a comprehensive, trusted foundation of 360-degree streaming intelligence data. SmartSight Ads takes full advantage of granular session delivery data combined with a detailed view of ad insertion and server performance.

Business ready

Business Improvement Focus

Improve all dimensions of the monetization and ad delivery experience, by rapid identification of losses through ad fraud and ad blocking to improve engagement, play times and increasing revenue through successful ad impressions.

Cloud native

Proven Technology Base

Real-time, ad delivery anomaly detection and comprehensive drill-down analysis, tying notification of issues with AI guided root cause analysis.

Deep support

Deep Customer Support

Broadly supported through established integration with partner DAI, CSAI, and SSAI technologies and a responsive customer care and product engineering resource.

What our Customers have to Say...

Fabio Lima, Product Manager, Telecine

“SmartPlay has allowed us to mitigate last-mile bandwidth and infrastructure limitations to deliver better QoE to new and existing subscribers, manage our costs and improve margins”

John Cool, VP Digital Media Technologies 

“MediaMelon provided invaluable insight into our ads to help identify and resolve ad errors. A particularly large problem was completely obscure before the integration with MediaMelon”

Edgar Ceron, CEO at Vívaro Digital

“Our clients can see a significant lift in the value of their delivery platform with a rich set of features available to solve operational and business challenges, with the features now becoming an integrated part of our overall service proposition.”