About MediaMelon

The Company, The Team, and The Mission

Streaming services are acknowledged as the future of video entertainment. But, in order to succeed as business ventures, these streaming service need sophisticated tools to drive continuous improvement at every level. Not only do you need to offer a broad range of engaging content, you also need to deliver an outstanding user experience, while keeping a close eye on the operational cost base. Consumers have an extremely limited tolerance for a sub-standard viewing experience, however unique and compelling you feel your content may be. Delivering on continuous operational improvement and consumer Quality of Experience levels that meet or exceed those of traditional broadcast services across a diverse range of OTT networks and device types is not that easy to achieve.

The MediaMelon mission is to help every media company overcome these challenges, raise the bar on the user experience they deliver, and continuously improve the competitive profile of their global entertainment services.

Recognized Technology Leadership

The unique value of the MediaMelon technology base is illustrated by its solid portfolio of 30+ patents on video quality enhancement, intelligent content routing, and advanced video analytics.

The company has received numerous awards for its products and is consistently recognized by its peers for service excellence - for example in  Streaming Media’s List of Companies that Matter Most in Online Video.

Deep Expertise

MediaMelon, Inc. is headquartered in San Francisco, USA with offices in San Diego, London, Bangalore and Sydney, and is privately owned. The company’s investors include Silicon Valley Growth Partners, Carrig Glen Partners, and John Ryan, the founder of Macrovision Corporation (later Rovi) which acquired TiVo, Inc. in 2016.

Our technical expertise and market knowhow is always evident when you  have a chance to interact with our team. If you would lijke a deeper understanding of how we can apply streaming intelligence to improving your service, don't hesitate to reach out.

What our Customers have to Say...

Fabio Lima, Product Manager, Telecine

“SmartPlay has allowed us to mitigate last-mile bandwidth and infrastructure limitations to deliver better QoE to new and existing subscribers, manage our costs and improve margins”

John Cool, VP Digital Media Technologies 

“MediaMelon provided invaluable insight into our ads to help identify and resolve ad errors. A particularly large problem was completely obscure before the integration with MediaMelon”

Edgar Ceron, CEO at Vívaro Digital

“Our clients can see a significant lift in the value of their delivery platform with a rich set of features available to solve operational and business challenges, with the features now becoming an integrated part of our overall service proposition.”